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Amber Bottle/Drpr/Cap - 5mlAniseed Twists

Ambergris Fragrance Oil

Rare fragrance protruding marine, animalic musky notes.

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Ambergris is very rare and extremely valuable.  It is produced in the stomach of the rare male sperm whale and is a kind of growth.  It contains cuttlefish, which irritate the stomach forcing the whale to regurgitate it before it becomes too big.  It then floats on the water, but is rarely found.

It is a base note that has an aroma that many find difficult to describe.  For some, it has a seaweed and floral aroma, whereas others find it musty or earthy.  Used in small amounts, this base note brings an anchoring, sweet, velvety warmth to a blend.

Additional Notes:

Ambergris is part of a range of single note (synthetic) fragrances that can be blended with other notes from the range, with essential oils or to customise fragrances.  The range includes scents that are used extensively in fine perfumery but their rarity and expense may often make them unfeasible to use in blends in their natural form.

Please note that usage rates will depend on individual formulations/blends.  Please consult your safety assessment (where applicable).  MSDS and allergen declarations can be located here... You are advised to test sampling to check suitability in individual formulations before up-scaling. We would welcome any feedback and experience and would most certainly appreciate your reviews.

Customer Reviews:

Eisot  (Monday, 10 November 2014)
Rating: 5
I am in love and pleasantly surprised. rnrnFirst impression and when mixed:rnLovely scent, mild and comes through just enough when mixed with for
example Jasmine (also found here at Fresholi). One can surely use it on it's own and have a gorgeous scented product.rnrnMy various test mixes now
have to stand for a couple of weeks or more and I will see if anything changes. Lots of ideas in my head now. :)rn


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