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Bergamot FCF

Bergamot FCF (Bergapten free) - Citrus Bergamia

Bergamot FCF
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Bergamot FCF (Bergapten free) - Citrus Bergamia

Country of origin: Italy

This oil is cold expressed from the peel of almost ripe fruits then this is rectified to remove furanocoumarins (which may be responsible for skin phototoxicity and sensitivity).  It has a fresh, sweet and fruity aroma with balsamic undertones.  It is an excellent oil for use in blends for depression and anxiety and a wonderful addition to skin care products, for its beneficial properties, lovely aroma and as a fixative.

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Customer Reviews:

gzilou  (Tuesday, 30 July 2013)
Rating: 5
Divine. Thanks for the FCF, so helpful for creams and lotions.