Normal Skin Care Pack

Normal Skin Care Pack
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altSuitable for people with normal and/or combination skin, the pack contains:

Vibrant Cleanser 50ml

Moor Spa Vibrant Cleanser contains Moor water and is ideal to use as a daily wash by everyone with normal and combination skin. Moor Spa Vibrant Cleanser is perfect for people, who like washing their faces with water, whilst using soap free foaming cleansers. Moor Spa Vibrant Cleanser is easy to use. Simply dampen your face, apply the cleansing gel and foam with your fingers into a creamy lather. Wash off with clean water. Moor Spa Vibrant Cleanser has gentle antiseptic and mildly astringent qualities. It cleanses and refreshes your skin, leaving your skin vibrant, clean and soft. 

Refreshing Toning Lotion 50ml

Moor Spa Refreshing Toner has been formulated to cater for dry to normal skins. Moor Spa Refreshing Toner contains herbal Moor water, lavender and bergamot oil, which work together to enhance skin tone and texture. Moor Spa Refreshing Toner conditions and refreshes the skin. It is best used in conjunction with other Moor Spa skincare products.

Active Moisturiser 15ml

Moor Spa Active Moisturiser contains herbal Moor water, aloe vera and comfrey that promote cell renewal and natural collagen production. Moor Spa Active Moisturiser also contains a slight UVA and UVB filter that helps to protect your skin throughout the day from the damaging effects of the environment. Moor Spa Active Moisturiser is a luxurious face cream, which, if used regularly, will help you to combat and reduce the visible signs of ageing. Moor Spa Active Moisturiser is suitable for dry to normal skins.

Refining Facial Mask 15ml 

Moor Spa Refining Facial Mask is 100% natural! Moor Spa Refining Facial Mask contains purely the natural herbal Moor water from the peloid moors of European Moorlands. Independent analysis of the moors indicates that it contains extracts from hundreds of herbs, grasses and lipoids, all of which contribute to a unique blend of nutrients that nourish and moisturise the skin. Moor Spa Refining Facial Mask is suitable for all skin types! The mask is most effective when used two or 3 times per week. To reinforce its effects, follow with Moor Spa Skincare products also based on the natural Moor water. The most convenient way to apply the Moor Spa Refining Mask is to utilise the time while soaking in a Moor Spa Bath!   


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