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Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Sweet, floral jasmine bud.

Jasmine Fragrance Oil
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This prized perfume base note is an intensely sweet and rich floral.  It has animalic undertones and spicy hints that are exotic, powerful and tenacious.  This fragrance makes for a very convincing jasmine absolute.

Customer Reviews:

Fireweed  (Monday, 20 July 2015)
Rating: 0
I'm not exceptionally big into florals but I wanted to include them for customers. I was pleasantly surprised to be blown away by this one! I'm not
good with words and descriptions but it's very feminine without being cloying. I combined it with vetiver which seems to go well.

andoy  (Tuesday, 09 December 2014)
Rating: 5
All the jasmin fragrance oils I've come across so far have been very one dimensional and don't have full "ahhhh" you get from jasmin. This
fragrance oil is a leap above the rest. Really nice full sweet and slightly spicy nuanced fragrance you get from jasmin absoloute.

Eisot  (Monday, 10 November 2014)
Rating: 5
Fantastic strong, floral, sweet scent. rnI think I must make a range of products with this beautiful scent. Love it!