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Argan Oil, Organic

Argan is one of the rarest oils known and the process of extracting the oil is very labour intensive. The nuts require shelling and cracking before they can be pressed and the oil extracted, a process that is still largely done by hand today.

Argan Oil, Organic
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Argan Oil - Argania Spinosa (cold pressed, organic, deodorised)

Argan oil has some remarkable qualities to moisturise and improve the skin's elasticity, indicative for use in formulations for mature skin.  It is high in omega 9, oleic acid and omega 6.  It is also a powerful anti-oxidant being high in polyphenol so has a good shelf-life.  Its anti-inflammatory properties also make this oil a good choice for formulations for swelling and general aches and pains.

Note: This is an cold pressed oil that has not been refined and it may appear cloudy or wax particles develop at cooler temperatures.  This does not affect quality and can be resolved by gently warning the oil.

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