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ECO LG Preservative

This Ecocert and COSMOS approved preservative is a perfect choice for natural cosmetics.

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INCI Declaration: Benzyl Alcohol, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Herb Oil, Tocopherol

This Ecocert and COSMOS approved preservative is a perfect choice for natural cosmetics.  It offer’s a strong, broad-spectrum functionality and a fresh a clean aroma, thanks to the pure Lemongrass essential oil, which has plays a powerful microbial role in this preservative blend.  Effective in anionic,, cationic and non-ionic systems.  ECO LG is a good choice for leave-on and rinse-off products up to pH8*

*in products with a pH greater 7, the efficiency of preservative is not compromised but the stability may be affected causing the product to discolour (particularly noticeable in clear products), so it is advisable to check and adjust pH before adding ECO LG

 Fomulation Guidelines:

  • ECO LG has a natural aroma of lemongrass, so it is advisable to check compatibility in finished products
  • Best to keep pH below 7 to avoid discolouration
  • ECO LG should not be added directly to a finished surfactant-type product (such as shampoo).  Instead, a premix should be prepared prior to inclusion*

 *How to prepare a pre-mix

In order to properly incorporate the ECO LG into your formula (particularly surfactant-type products) it may require pre-mixing beforehand.  For this you will need your required measurement of ECO LG and a solubiliser, such as hydrogenated castor oil or polysorbate 20 or 60.  You can also use a small amount of the surfactant from your main batch before any water has been added.

  • In a separate beaker/container, add 0.5-1.0%(of your formula) ECO LG.
  • Then add a small amount of your solubiliser, while vigorously stirring until completely homogenised. 
  • Full homogenisation is indicated when the mixture becomes clear.  The mixture can then be added to your main batch formula.

Usage: (add when product is 40 oC or below)

0.5 – 1%

This is a for guidance only. The actual concentration will depend on the final product and its sensitivity to microbial contamination, raw materials used and product hygiene. The efficacy and optimum use concentration should always be determined by relevant challenge tests.

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