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Musk Fragrance Oil

White floral, powdery and soft.

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An unmistakable class of fragrances  This base note brings warmth and balance to a blend.  It is an excellent fixative and can help to anchor a blend.  It can soften and round sharp, dominant notes.

Please note that this fragrance has been reformulated to remove allergens that have now been banned (for use in cosmetics) from August 2019 (in this case Lilial, which was present in the formulation at 0.0702% and Lyral, which was present in the formulation at 0.3461%.).  Fresholi strongly advises testing to ensure it is compatible with current formulations.

European Commission update on the following allergens for cosmetics effective August 23rd 2019:

HICC (CAS No. 51414-25-6/ 31906-04-4)
Atranol (CAS No. 526-37-4)
Chloroatranol (CAS No. 57074-21-2)

Customer Reviews:

andoy  (Tuesday, 09 December 2014)
Rating: 4
this does have some of the earthy animal element of musk. Sweet and pleasant with mild spicy note in bottle, that opens out to fresh soft notes in the

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