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Complete Body Mask

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altA 100% Natural Complete or Partial Body Treatment:alt

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The Moor Spa Complete Body Mask is produced from 100% pure herbal moorland peat, formed from unique lowland moors over the course of 20,000 years through the decomposition of plant life.  It consists of organic substances, vitamins and trace elements and, because these moors have never dried out, their beneficial properties have remained intact through the centuries. 

To reduce the impact on the environment Moor Spa encompass several lowland moors throughout Europe to ensure that these areas are not depleted and have a chance to regenerate naturally.

Each batch is tested to ensure quality, but not processed, so it is Moor Spa’s belief that this is one of the most natural body masks you will ever use.

Independent analysis of the moors indicates that it contains extracts from hundreds of herbs, grasses, minerals and lipoid, which brings to the skin a unique blend of nutrients to nourish, moisturise and hydrate the skin.

The warm Body Mask opens the pores and helps to reduce impurities held by the surface of the skin.  It leaves the skin feeling wonderfully vibrant and an overall sense of well-being.

Moor Spa Complete Body Mask Application Tips:

The Body Mask should be applied to clean skin (there’s no need to exfoliate beforehand because the Body Mask is a natural exfoliator).

It is best applied with a small brush (a small paint brush is ideal).  For a full body treatment, dispense about 5-6 tablespoons (use less for isolated areas) of the Body Mask into a bowl and mix with little warm water, to both warm it and to make it the right consistency (it should ‘hang’ from the brush).  

Apply to the skin in an even layer.  The mask is best kept damp, to allow the Moor’s therapeutic properties to penetrate the skin.  This can be done by either wrapping treatment area with cling film or plastic sheeting.  Cover yourself with a warm towel or blanket and relax for 30-40 minutes.  

Afterwards, simply rinse the mask from the skin (either in the shower or bath) and pat skin dry (if there are still visible residue this isn’t a bad thing, because the mask can continue to work for several hours).  Follow with a good moisturiser or body oil.  Drink plenty of water to help flush impurities and replace any lost moisture.

The Body Mask can be used anywhere on the body (on unbroken skin), even the hair/scalp. 

Please note:   While the mask shouldn't stain toweling and soft furnishings, it would be advisable to use old towels and protect soft furnishing with plastic sheeting.


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