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Ingredients Focus
  • Essential Oils and Absolutes

    Ingredients focus on essential oils and absolutes...  Make sure you are logged in to view the whole section.

  • Solid Oils

    Ingredients Focus on Solid Oils...

  • Natural Oils

    Ingredients focus on natural oils...

  • Butters

    Natural cosmetic butters....

  • Waxes

    Ingredients Focus on waxes...

  • Additives

    A look at some of the additives that are frequently added to enhance products.

  • Preservatives and Antioxidants

    Preservatives are necessary in products that contain water, to ensure their safety and longevity.  An antioxidant, on the other hand, help to prevent or slow down oil oxidation leading to rancidity.

    The two are different and while an antioxidant can helps to prolong the shelf-life of oils, it will not inhibit the growth of micro-organisms (a preservative), which will occur wherever moisture molecules are present.

    There are numerous preservatives and antioxidants available to the formulator and here we hope to grow an information bank that are at your disposal.

  • Emusifiers and Surfactants

    A closer look at some of the emulsifiers, stabilisers and surfactants available...

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