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Why MIY Cosmetics?

Just a few reasons why Make It Yourself cosmetics is becoming ever more popular...  

You don't need a science degree to make your own skin care products - a few good recipes, good ingredients and a little understanding of your ingredients are all you really need to start out with (experience will come with time).

  • You can tailor the products any way you like and you know exactly what's in them - each formulation is unique.
  • When starting out, there's no need to buy special equipment, simple kitchen utensils and a few empty skin care/cosmetic containers are usually enough (however, if you get more serious, you may need to think about equipment such as a thermometer, pH indicator etc...).
  • Formulations can be created that are free of harmful chemicals and that are simple and uncomplicated.
  • Once you have a good stock of basic ingredients, handmade products are much more cost effective than commercial products.
  • Many commercial products claim to contain many of the raw ingredients you may use to formulate your own but it is worth remembering that, in many cases, these may be only at trace levels.  To make your own ensures a significance presence of these skin care goodies.
  • Making your own products is a great hobby or can be the basis of fantastic business.
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