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Hemp and Shea Cream


A rich and velvety cream with hemp and shea butter that you can make in minutes with our PEG-free Emulsi+ and quick (cheats) method.  Here's how...


4g Meadowfoam seed oil
6g Shea butter
6g Hemp seed oil
5g Emulsi+
3g Cetearyl alcohol

71g Water (pre-boiled)
2g Glycerine

2g Natural vitamin E
1g Ethox (or other preservative)

Optional:  Up to 1g fragrance or essential oil

Microwave Method

1.    Boil the kettle 2-3 times beforehand to help kill any germs in the water (you will need 71g of this a little later).

2.    Fill the large bowl with cold water (you can include ice cubes if you want) as this will be your cool bath to be used later.

3.    On an accurate scale, weigh out 2g glycerine into a bowl and put to one side (water will be added to this later)

4.    Place the Shea Butter, Hemp, Meadowfoam Seed Oil Emulsi+ and Cetearyl Alcohol into a separate, small but deep microwave-proof bowl (this is your oil phase).

5.    Place in microwave and heat on full power for 30 second bursts, stirring in-between.  Keep doing this until all the solids have melted and the mixture is nice and hot.  Be careful when removing from the microwave as the bowl and oils can get very hot.


6.    When the oils are nice and hot, boil the kettle (again)

7.    Add 71g of just boiled water to the bowl containing the glycerine, giving it a quick but thorough stir (this is your water phase).  

8.    Add to this the hot oils in a slow and steady stream, stirring quickly with your balloon whisk (being careful not to introduce too much air though - keep the whisk in contact with the bottom of the bowl at all times helps).

9.    Keep stirring for 2-3 minutes.  It may begin to thicken very quickly (but not always) and may look a little curdled at first but just keep stirring.  Don't worry if it hasn't started to thicken yet though, it will as it cools down.

10.    Then, immerse the bowl into the cool bath and continue to stir steadily until the cream begins to cool and thicken (it will form soft peaks) gradually slowing your stirring as it thickens.

11.    When it has cooled to room temperature (test on the back of you wrist), remove from the cool bath.

12.    Add the vitamin E, Ethox and stir well.

13.    Then add your essential oil/fragrance oil (optional) and stir well for at least 1 minute with you're your balloon whisk until it is fully incorporated.

14.    Place in pots, then into the fridge for a couple of hours (lids off), then at room temp for a couple of hours (again, lids off).  Lid and label :o)


  • When stirring, avoid whipping so that you don't introduce too much air into the emulsion.  Keep the balloon whisk in contact with the bottom of the bowl and stir gently and steadily, rather than in a beating action.
  • Make sure the oils are hot and the water is as hot as possible (use immediately after it has finished boiling) otherwise it will be very difficult to successfully combine the oil and water phases.
  • If you find that the mixture begins to curdle after adding essential oil/fragrance oil, simply replace it back into the microwave (for 15-30 second bursts) until the mixture becomes thin and repeat steps - avoid getting the mixture too hot as this will cause the fragrance to evaporate.

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