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Poor Man's Sandalwood

This is how amyris is often described and personally, I don't think that it does this essential oil much justice at all. Also known as West Indian Sandalwood, I do think that amyris has many qualities in its own right.

Native to Haiti, this small. Bushy tree is also cultivated in other tropic regions of the globe. It is often confused with Sandalwood Mysore but Sandalwood Amyris is less tenacious than mysore.

It is commonly referred to by the locals as ‘candlewood’ because the wood is good for using as torches (the oil content of the wood keeps it burning for long periods). The wood also makes excellent furniture wood.

The essential oils is extracted by the steam distillation of the wood and branches and the oil yield is considered good

It has a top/middle note. Bares many similarities to mysore and hints rosewood. It is a little less sweet than mysore with a musty, woody body. It is often compared to mysore but amyris is lovely aromatic note useful in perfume blends in its own right.

Amyris blends harmoniously with many other wood oils, such as cedarwood and compliments the fresh notes of oils such as lavendin and citronella.

Although non-irritant in most cases, it is best used with care in the first trimester of pregnancy

Thought to be antiseptic, balslamic and a sedative.

Amyris offers a very economical alternative to mysore and it is a key perfume component in many perfumes and cosmetics. Used frequently as a fixative in soap.

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