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Maracuja Oil

Maracuja Oil (Passion Fruit seed oil/Passion Flower oil)

INCI: passiflora incarnata

Country of Origin: Paraguay / Ecuador

Highly valued by the Incas and Aztecs

Native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world, this long vine can grow up to 50 metres in length and produces the most beautiful flowers and sweet fruits. 

Of the many varieties, the most frequently used in the food and cosmetics industries are passiflora edulis and passiflora incarnata.  Edulis and incarnata are often described as one of the same thing and, since they share striking similarities in their chemical structure, this is justified, however incarnata has, on the whole, been shown to have more active properties of the two varieties.  

It has a very light, none-greasy texture that is quick to absorb into the skin, so excellent in both creams and oil-based serums, particularly for dry, sore, itchy skins.  Particularly useful for mature and ageing skin.  It can also add value to lip care formulas.  Apart from being an excellent emollient for skin, it is thought to be particularly useful in scalp and hair products, especially those for dry and damaged hair and irritated scalps.

Skin and hair use aside, maracuja has a reputation for inducing calm and relaxation and may help soothe muscle aches.  It is said to help relieve insomnia too. Therefore, it could an ideal oil to add to into bath and body & massage products, designed for relaxation.

Maracuja Oil Benefits:

·    Rich in vitamin C, phosphorous and calcium
·    Has a light texture that absorbs quickly without greasiness
·    Very useful in products for dry, irritated, mature and ageing skin
·    Exceptionally useful in products for the hair and scalp
·    Incarata is renowned for its calming and relaxing properties
·    Can help soothe sore, aching muscles
·    Said to help relieve insomnia
·    Thought to have effective anti-inflammatory properties

Useage: up to 100%

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