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Home Recipes Creams, Lotions and Cream Cleansers (O/W - W/O) Natural Garden Light Moisture Cream
Natural Garden Light Moisture Cream

This is a lovely, light cream that could either be dispensed from a jar or from a pump bottle.  Wonderful for all skins, even oily skins.

Water Phase

77.5g Water
1g Panthenol
1g Glycerine

Oil Phase

2g Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate
5g Emulsifying Powder
1.5g Cetyl Alcohol

5g Borage Oil
5g Rosehip Oil
2g Squalane

Final Stage

0.5g Rosemary Seed Extract (anti-oxidant)
1g Ethox
0.5g 50/50 blend of lavender and geranium essential (or preferred oil/s of choice)

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