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Nilotica Butter

Country of origin: Uganda

Nilotica is a considered a premium shea butter and is a subspecies of paradoxa (West African) shea and is perhaps the creamiest, most luxurious shea butter available.  The Organic Nilotica Shea Nuts are collected by local women’s collecting cooperatives within East Africa from organically certified trees. These Nuts are then transported to Kenya, where they are cold-pressed and no further processing is required to produce this most exquisite, distinct and beautiful butter. This production process ensures that the butter retains its many unique properties.

It has a rather unique fatty acid profile that gives it some remarkable moisturising properties.  It can help to retain skin elasticity and is incredibly useful for treating very dry, cracked and sun damaged-skin as well as psoriasis and eczema.  It can also help to reduce stretch marks.

Nilotica is a wonderful addition to hair care products (particularly for damaged, dry and brittle hair).  Can be used alone or as part of a formulation for dry lips.

It is also beneficial in helping to reduce swelling and inflammation and so is excellent for use in formulations for muscular aches and pains.

Nilotica is premium shea butter with some very distinct properties and advantages over paradoxa.

· Lower melting point (15c – 18c)
· Superior texture (very soft and creamy)
· Higher nutritive value
· Non-sticky
· Milder/lighter nutty aroma
· Incredibly moisturising
· More readily absorbed into the skin and hair
· Higher olein content
· Minimal processing

Usage level up to 100%

Important Note:

Nilotica has a lower melting point to paradoxa and so is more sensitive to heat.  Please be aware that during transit, there is a possibility that it will be exposed to temperature changes causing it to melt.  When it resets, it may develop a gritty texture (quite common with shea as well as some other natural butters).  This is perfectly harmless and can be resolved by using the following method….

· In a double boiler, heat your shea to 170-185 degrees F (don't worry about spoiling the properties of the butter, this is not hot enough).
· Maintain this temperature for 15-20 minutes to ensure all fat crystals are completely melted.
· After 15-20 minutes allow to cool (rapid cooling will reduce the chances of crystals reforming - using a bowl of ice-water will speed the cooling process).
· This process can be repeated if any crystals reform after cooling and solidifying (can happen if heat is not maintained at right temperature or for long enough).

Nilotica should be stored in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and other heat sources.  Probably best stored in the fridge.

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