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Cocoa Dream Cream

This cream is a great example of how a simply structured formula can create a luxurious and indulgent cream.  I love the way this feels on the skin, being velvety and smooth.  The richness of the dark, organic cocoa butter mixed with the emollient and super-fast absorbent qualities of the meadowfoam oil form the heart of this lovely cream that sinks in beautifully.

Being simple in formulation leaves plenty of room to put your own stamp on it, by adding different ingredients, but I think it is lovely just as it is.  The other nice thing about this cream is its appearance.  Because it contains unfiltered, organic, virgin cocoa butter (that retains the natural cocoa solids that gives it its dark colouring), it slightly tints the cream and leaves little speckles of cocoa throughout, which is reminiscent of expensive vanilla ice-cream, with specks of vanilla pods.

You don’t need to fragrance (as the cocoa has its own chocolate aroma) but in this formula, I added a beautiful, white chocolate and cardamom fragrance oil (which is really nice and very grown up), but you will be able to make your own mind up and add essential or fragrance oils to suit you.

One last thing, you may notice it contains no antioxidant.  I didn’t feel it needed it, since meadowfoam and the cocoa butter are very rich in natural antioxidants, but you may feel more comfortable adding a little vitamin E, rosemary seed extract or similar.  Enjoy!

Oil Phase

10g Meadowfoam seed oi
10g Organic cocoa butter (unfiltered/dark)
5g Emulsifying powder
2g Cetearyl alcohol

Water Phase

67g Water
2g Glycerine

At room temperature

2g Olive squalane
1g EthoxUp to
1g Fragrance / essential oil

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