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Mild Luxury Soap (CP)

Our hugest thanks to Abi for kindly sharing this recipe and also for her infectious humour.  Abi has a blog, Optistatic that is a most interesting read if you fancy a giggle.....  Thanks again Abi!!

Yesterday I started using my new unscented, (hopefully) mild CP soap. It has to be the nicest soap I have ever used! I shall have to make it HP as well, just to check it's not just the method making a difference to its texture. It doesn't look especially pretty (not really worth photographing), but the recipe I used is as follows:

Avocado oil 150g
Castor oil 50g
Coconut oil 200g
Hempseed oil 50g
Olive oil 150g
Palm oil 300g
Shea butter 100g

Water 375ml
Lye powder 142g

(I would recommend running it through the soap calculator yourself, though)

Additions (at trace...)
2 tbsp kaolin
My notes don't mention butter powder, but I normally put it in - either I missed it out or wrote it down wrong...
Shea butter 50g

Anyway, if you are looking to make a bar of soap which feels wonderful and has a most excellent soft lather...

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