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Floral Liquiwax

This is a really simple way of making use of the exotic aromas of floral (or fruit peel) waxes, at a fraction of the cost if you were to use the absolute.  This makes a great stand alone after bath/shower oil or for really dry skin (gorgeous aroma)

50% Jojoba
44% Apricot kernel oil
6% Floral wax of choice (I used rose)

- Add the jojoba and the AK to a dark glass bottle (I used an amber glass bottle)
- Place in a saucepan of boiling hot water (I turned the heat on low)
- When the oils are nice and hot, add in the floral wax and put the lid on the bottle
- Place back in the hot water for a minute then take out the bottle and shake
- Continue to do this heat/shake until all of the wax has completely melted
- Then it is good to go!

You could change the ratio of the floral wax to a much higher % + you use different oils if you like then use this fragrant oil to add to creams after they have been emulsified and cooled (just make sure that whatever % you intend to add in at the end - usually a max of 10% - you deduct this from your oil phase.  Also, if you are adding in eo's also, please ensure you account for the eo present in the wax (that is roughly just less than half the total weight of the wax).

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