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In Defence of Rebatching

Our thanks to Elaine for this eye-opening article that highlights the rebatching method as being a soap making process in its own right. Thank you so much.

A valid process in its own right!

It seems that the majority of UK makers of CP and HP soaps regard rebatching as a last resort, to be used only in an attempt to rescue a failed batch. In the US however, it is a popular soap-making process, bars or flakes of soap base being sold for the purpose and up to the early 20th century rebatching was commonly used to create a toilet soap by adding essences and palm oil to chopped up plain soap in a double boiler.

There is also a widely held belief that rebatching does not produce a good looking soap - I can see no reason why this should be so.

Rebatched Soap

The curved soap was made by rebatching a soap (the rectangular one) which had a perfectly good finish but a very insipid colour; a little turmeric and another EO were added.

The advantages of the rebatch method are:

  • Precious oils can be added without danger of being spoilt by the saponification process.
  • Dairy products and honey can be added with no problems.
  • A small 100g batch to investigate the effects of colouring materials; botanicals and fragrance ingredients can be investigated also.
  • Mixing two or more coloured bases can produce effects which are difficult or impossible to achieve with CP or HP.
  • The modelling of intricate details is more precise.

  • There is more time to fill individual moulds.

Goatsmilk oatmeal and honey rebatch

As seen in this photo of a goatsmilk, oatmeal and honey rebatch.

See Elaine's fantastic rebatching tutorial in our Tutorial section...

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