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Vibrant Mosaic Soap

Well this is not so much a recipe more of a suggestion for creating something a bit different.  I was having a play around with some clear melt & pour soap base & colours and created this lovely vibrant soap that is a definite winner for the kids.  Of course, you can choose whatever and however many colours you like.  The basic principle is the same and while it looks quite complex, it really is very easy to do....

To create this I used....

500g Clear melt & pour soap base
A selection of glycerin soap colouring
Up to 4% FO/EO of choice (in this case, I used only 1% and chose May Chang for its clean, vibrant and lively aroma to accent the vibrant colours)
A 500g mould (I used packaging from a toy car my little boy had for Christmas - good straight sides and holds 500g perfectly)


Seperate the base into 6 bowls (you can do this evenly or randomly - I did this randomly to vary the blocks of colour)

Place a portion in the microwave and heat on full for 30 seconds, remove and stir until fully melted (you may need to pop it back in again if not fully melted).  Add a couple of drops of colour and a 6th of your FO/EO (or whatever fraction of EO/FO depending on how many colours you are using).  Stir well and with your mould tilted and suppored, pour in your coloured soap.

Allow this to cool and set then tilt and support the mould at a different angle, heat your next batch of soap base, add a 6th of your chosen colour & EO/FO.  Before pouring into the mould, spray your set base with plenty of rubbing alcohol and pour the next colour in.

Continue this process with all your colours making sure your last colour is with the mould flat on the surface (to ensure a square soap).

Allow to cool and set, demould and cut.  Its easy, fun and looks fantastic sitting in the soap dish!

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