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Milk Enriched Soap With Curl Embed

This was a first attempt at doing a curl embed.  There are some obvious problems here, namely the embed was too thick so was difficult to curl and began to snap in places.  However, The basic recipe is there, its just a matter of ironing out the creases.  Anyway, here's how I did it....

Makes 400g (or there abouts)


400g Clear M&P soap base
30g Milk Powder (Goats milk powder would be a lovely addition)
10ml Glycerin (for mixing milk powder)
10ml Water (for mixing milk powder)
A few drops of red M&P colouring
Up to 4% FO/EO of choice

Directions: (how I did it anyway)

Line a flat mould that is fairly long (this is for making the curl - in my case, I used a plastic food storage container 3"x 9")

Of the 400g soap base, weigh out 100g (It might be worth considering using less soap base or using a larger flat mould as my curl was a bit too thick - if I were to repeat, I would try using 75g)

Melt the 100g in a double boiler and add a few drops of colouring and a quarter of your FO/EO)

When melted and thoroughly mixed, pour into your flat mould and allow to cool and set. 

When set, demould and trim the edges.  Now, starting from one end, begin to curl the flat soap.  You want it fairly tightly curled but do be careful not to split it (if it is too thick, like mine was, it will split rather too easily).

When you have achieve the desired form, set aside and melt down the remaining soap base while you prepare your milk powder.

Add to the milk powder your glycerin and water (a bit at a time) and mix with a small whisk until your milk powder is fully combined.

When the soap base has completely melted, remove from heat, allow to cool a little and pour in the milk (passing it through a seive as you pour to help remove any lumps)

Set aside while you thoroughly spray your embed with rubbing alcohol (I used surgical spirit). 

Pour a small amount into the bottom of your prepared mould (in this case I used an old hand soap bottle with the top and bottom cut off - I sealed one end with a double layer of cling film and taped this in place).

Allow this to cool and partially set before placing your embed on top and positioning it centrally as possible.

Then, carefully (so as not to reposition your embed) pour on the milk soap base.

Allow to set and demould by removing the cling film and pushing the soap out of the end.

Then simply slice.

I'm sure with a bit of practise, I'll get this spot on but not bad for a first attempt :o)

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