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'Lush' Exfoliating Body Butter Bar

Huge thanks to Abigail for this kind submission.  It is really appreciated!

This is a slightly cheaper version of the one sold in Lush; the original also used ground almonds. This version is almost as good as the original; it's lovely for exfoliating anywhere sensible on your body, and leaves skin really soft. My boyfriend was so impressed with the results that he was content to let me spend money buying ingredients for it!

The essential oils mentioned below are those featured in the original. You can vary them according to your own personal taste. I have done a version which also had geranium oil included; that was well received. The quantities can happily be halved/doubled without any problems. Enjoy!


65g cocoa butter

45g shea butter

105g ground rice

105g aduki beans

8 drops lavender oil

8 drops bergamot oil

2 small moulds (a loaf tin might work)

Melt the two butters together; I put them in the microwave and make sure that I stir them frequently.

Grind the aduki beans in a spice mill or coffee grinder until they are quite fine with no large lumps left (a liquidiser or food processor might work, but I have never tried...).

Add the lavender and bergamot oils to the melted butters and stir well. Add the ground rice and ground aduki beans and stir well again.

Pour into the mould(s) and leave in the fridge/freezer to set. They should be fully set within an hour.

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