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Coconut Oil - Cocus Nucifera

Coconut oil comes from crushed copra, the dried meat of the kernels of the coconut. It is a white, semisolid, highly saturated fat widely used in the manufacture of baby soaps, shampoos, lotions and massage creams. It lathers readily and makes a fine cleanser.

Coconut is a highly nutritious food source being rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals but recently, coconut oil has been of particular interest and much research has been conducted on its health benefits, both when consumed and when applied topically.

It has a long tradition amongst Asian & Pacific populations of being a 'cure for all illnesses' and the coconut palm, termed 'The Tree Of Life' is a highly valued source of nutrition & medicine.  Modern scientific research is becoming increasingly more aware of this wonder oil's healing potential.

Coconut oil is very different to most other fats and is now known to contain about 50% lauric acid (found abundantly in human breast milk), a unique form of essential fatty acid (medium chain fatty acid or MCFA), which has a positive effect on health & the prevention of disease.  It has been described as 'the healthiest oil on earth'.  Also, the oil has reportedly been said to assist greatly in weight loss and 'The Coconut Diet' has many faithful followers.

The oil can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, from eczema to acne, nappy rash to wrinkles.  The oil is known to have great antioxidant properties as well as being known to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses to name a few*

Skin Care Benefits

  • Highly moisturising & excellent for very dry, flaky skin conditions
  • Soothes nappy rash & cradle cap
  • Good for wrinkled, sagging & ageing skin due to its emollient and powerful antioxidant properties
  • Works with the sebum, sweat & good bacteria present on the skin to destroy bad bacteria, maintain the acid mantle and control acne conditions
  • Has the ability to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Protection from the damaging effects of the sun due to its antioxidant properties (although coconut oil should not be treated as a sunscreen alone)
  • Has a long tradition as a substance that improves the health of the hair giving it shine a lustre
  • Can be used as a natural deodorant for the underarm area
  • Produces a rich lather and is a very popular choice for soapmakers
  • Can be used alone, infused with essential oils for massage or in creams, lotions (particularly aftersun lotions) body butters, lip balms, soaps & bath melts etc...


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