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Common Nail Problems...

Brittle Nails


Normally, the nails contain around 12% water and it is the presence of this water that gives the nails some pliability.  However, when the water content is low the nails become dry, brittle and easily broken.  The lower the moisture content, the more brittle they become.


Brittle nails are most often caused by exposure to detergents (such as cleaning products and washing-up water) that dehydrate the nails.  However, poor blood circulation to the nail matrix (from where the nail grows) can cause the nail to be thinner and a thinner nail dehydrates quicker than a thicker one.


Splitting Nails


You may think that the nail as a solid structure but in actual fact, it is made up of several layers.  Sometimes these layers can become separated resulting in a peeling & splitting in layers.




  • Avoid over exposure to detergents – wear rubber gloves when washing dishes and cleaning

  • Regularly massage around the nails with a good quality hand & nail cream/oil to improve circulation & retain moisture

  • Apply specially designed products to the nail the nails to improve strength and retain moisture


Ridged Nails


Nails can develop ridges either down the length of the nail (longitudinal) or across the nail (transverse).  This can happen as a result of damage to the nail matrix (from where the nail grows), illness (usually transverse), poor circulation, age among other things.




  • Regularly massage around the nails with a good quality hand & nail cream/oil to improve circulation and encourage healthy nail growth

  • Buff the nails with a good quality buffer to help even out nail surface and improve blood circulation

  • Apply specially designed ‘ridge filler’, which helps to improve the appearance of the nail, even out the nail’s surface and provide a good base to apply chosen colour (if desired)


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