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Achieving the 'French Manicure' Look...


1. Wash hands to remove any oily deposits from the surface of the nail & dry

2. Gently push back the cuticle with a cuticle or hoof stick using circular motions

3. Using a non-fleecy pad soaked* with nail enamel remover, ‘squeak’ the nails (wipe over the nails until you feel a squeak).  Avoid using cotton wool as this often leaves fibres on the nail that affects the overall look.

4. Apply a nail preparation product* (according to manufactures instructions) to prime the nail.  This helps to prolong the final look.

5. Apply appropriate nail treatment* (such as nail hardener or ridge filler) in a thin coat using downward strokes, base to tip (following manufacturers instructions).  Allow a few minutes for drying.

6. Apply a thin layer of base coat (some nail treatments act as a base coat – check label).  A base coat is important as it helps prevent nail colour from staining the nail as well as improving the length of time the colour lasts.  Allow a few minutes drying time.

7. Apply a thin coat of natural pink colour.  Allow a few minutes drying time.

8. Apply white (tip) colour acrossthe tip of the nail

- Be careful not to overload brush

- Try to keep the stroke smooth so avoid being too hesitant

- You can use specially designed guides to help produce a neat line

- If you accidentally get polish on the fingers, use the tip of a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton wool and soaked in nail polish remover to remove it

-  Work in good light (daylight is best) and on a flat service

- Allow a few minutes drying time.

9. Apply a second thin layer of natural pink colour and allow a few minutes dry time.

10. Finish by applying a top coat to seal the colour and intensify shine.  The top coat will prolong the finished look.  Allow as much drying time as possible. 

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