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Perfect Nail Colour Application...

Selecting the right colour

  • If your nails are short and you do not want to emphasise this, choose either a clear, neutral shade or lighter shade. This will enhance your nails giving them a well-manicured look as well as help to retain moisture within the nail itself. However, you could be bolder for evening occasions.

  • If some of your nails are long while others are shorter because they have broken off, you may consider filing the longer nails to a shorter length for uniformity. This may seem drastic but nails of a uniform length do tend to look nicely manicured. However, if you choose not to do this, then select a subtle, lighter shade avoiding methods such as French polish (this will only add emphasis to the differing lengths).

  • If your nails are longer and of a uniform length, then any shade and any style of application can be chosen.

  • Regardless of nail length and uniformity, choose a colour that compliments or accents the clothes you wear & the colour of your lipstick and allow the colour to mirror your personality.

Applying Nail Polish - a guide to achieving professional results

You will need: *ideal for a long-lasting, professional finish

  • A good quality nail polish remover

  • Non-fleecy nail wipes or pads* (avoid cotton wool)

  • Nail preparation product*

  • Cuticle or hoof stick

  • Nail treatment* (as appropriate)

  • Base coat

  • Nail colour

  • Top coat (not required if nail colour is a pearlised, iridescent or contains a glitter or similar effect)

It is best to apply nail colour in a well lit (daylight is ideal), well ventilated room. It might be best to work on a flat surface but make sure you protect the area with on old towel or paper.

1. Wash hands to remove any oily deposits from the surface of the nail & dry thoroughly.

2. Gently push back the cuticle with a cuticle or hoof stick using circular motions

  1. Using a non-fleecy pad soaked* with nail enamel remover, ‘squeak’ the nails (wipe over the nails until you feel a squeak). Avoid using cotton wool as this often leaves fibres on the nail that affects the overall look.

  1. Apply a nail preparation product* (according to manufactures instructions) to prime the nail. This helps to prolong the final look.

  1. Apply appropriate nail treatment* (such as nail hardener or ridge filler) in a thin coat using downward strokes, base to tip (following manufacturers instructions). Allow a few minutes for drying.

  1. Apply a thin layer of base coat (some nail treatments act as a base coat – check label). A base coat is important as it helps prevent nail colour from staining the nail as well as improving the length of time the colour lasts. Allow a few minutes drying time.

  1. Apply a thin coat of chosen colour:

· Do not overload brush (remove colour from one side of the brush)

· Apply colour very thinly in smooth strokes from base to tip leaving a small gap between the cuticle and sides of nail

· Use a maximum of five strokes per application, per nail. Apply first stroke down the centre of the nail, then either sides of the first stroke – then leave the colour to level out. Don’t overwork the colour & don’t aim to achieve the final look with this first coat

· Don’t worry if, at this stage, the colour appears watery and translucent – the thinner the layers the better & more long lasting the end result

· Allow some drying time between applications

· If you choose a colour with an effect (such as pearl or glitter etc…) apply up to 3 coats

· If you choose a pure colour (known as a ‘cream’ colour), then it is normal to apply only 2 coats (but you will need to decide if an extra coat is required)

· It is worth remembering the thinner the overall application/s, the less likely the colour will chip, and the less time it will take to dry

  1. Allow as much time as possible for the nail colour to dry then apply a top coat (avoid using if you have applied a nail colour with an effect such as pearlised or glitter etc…). A top coat intensifies the colour & shine as well as protecting the colour from chipping. Use the same technique as for colour application, ensuring a thin coat that is not overworked.

  1. The nails should be ‘touch dry’ in about twenty minutes, but it can take anything from forty minutes to an hour for the enamel to harden (although this time is reduced if fewer coats are applied) so if at all possible, sit back, relax & do nothing (aah!)
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