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Slotting Into the Pro-Salon Market – Pedicure

A series outlining some of the core treatments carried out in beauty salons & clinics.  This series is designed to stimulate discussion and spark ideas in our forum to explore methods & possibilities for launching handcrafted products into this competitive but lucrative outlet.


Pedicure is a popular salon treatment that many clients have on a very regular basis, usually every 4-8 weeks (average every 6 weeks).  Once you’ve had one, you’re kind of hooked.  You don’t realise the benefits of this treatment until you’ve had one.  Clients have a regular pedicure for a number of reasons, which may include…

· Time out for themselves
· For a pamper
· May not be able to reach their feet to maintain them themselves
· May have an ongoing problem with their feet
· To beatify and groom the skin and nails
· Helps to prevent minor foot conditions (such as calluses)
· Maintains foot and nail health

The therapist will have a number of specific aims, established during consultation, to achieve a desired set of outcomes, which may be both short term (by the end of the treatment) and long term (through a plan of regular treatments and specific homecare – normally with recommended retail products).

What happens during treatment…

Treatment application can vary from salon to salon and product range used.  Products can and most often does influence the order, style and the overall approach to the treatment application.  The following gives a basic overview of the routine and most points would include the application of a different product*…

1. Feet are wiped with an antiseptic solution*
2. Enamel removed*
3. Foot soak*
4. Nails trimmed & filed
5. Cuticle remover* is applied & dead cuticle cells gently removed from the nail’s surface with a knife or (as I use) a shaped pumice stone
6. Foot & lower leg exfoliation* paying attention to hard skin.  Sometimes a sloughing lotion* is also used on the feet (like a peel that is applied, allowed to dry and removed using circular motions)
7. Foot file/pumice to hard skin on feet
8. Cuticle cream* applied to cuticles in circles in small circles
9. Massage to foot and lower leg with a massage cream/lotion*
10. Powder* is applied to the feet & between toes
11. Nails are then cleansed of oily residues before application of enamel

The consultation, treatment and general communication with the client will help to identify both the treatment needs as well as the homecare.

The Products…

So treatment basically requires a product…

· For soaking
· For helping to remove dead cuticles
· For nourishing and drenching the cuticles
· Exfoliating
· Hard skin removal
· Massage

Most professional product ranges will have some USP, whether it be the way it is applied, focus on specific problem areas or the feature ingredient.  None, however are hand crafted, the most unique selling point that a range could possibly have (in my opinion).

In my treatments, I always use a foot masque.  There are various masques available to include clay types, moisturising, paraffin wax baths.

Also, treatments may be geared towards a specific problem such as calluses, dry skin, dry cuticles etc… so can be very prescriptive. 

Most product ranges include the basics for pedicure procedures but some have additional products to target common problems.  Nearly all have retail lines.

Salons are always looking for something a bit special and are very switched on to new concepts or a different take on an existing one.  If it pleases the client and has a sellable retail line, salons are switched on.

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