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Mocha-Orange Body Bar (Soap)

This is my first ever attempt at making soap.  I made the recipe up as I went along so wan't sure what the end product would be like.  Turns out, it was great!  It foams up lovely and the grounds are exfoliating.  It's a great body bar and coffeee is used for its many beneficial properties in quite a few high end salon beauty treatments.

750g Clear M&P soap base
30g Cocoa butter
25g Ground coffee
10ml Apricot kernel oil
2.5ml Vanilla EO
1.5ml Orange EO

Melted everything in a double boiler except the eo's.  When completely melted, removed from the heat and stirred and stirred until it went puddingy and had cooled a little.  Added the eo's and poured into a mould.  Presto!!  I made soap !!!

I would have liked to have given the colour some oomph (to give it a more creamed coffee appearance) but the cocoa still has time to lighten.  I think if I was to try this again, I will go with the kaolin trial as this will also add to exfoliating/refining action as well as give a bit of 'background' to the colour.  This said, the colour is rich and dark and would be great for a wintertime product.  I would also have liked to have a creamy white top that mingles into the soap (darker at the bottom).  I'm sure there are many variations and indeed improvements others could make, but it turned out pretty well!

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