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Melinda Coss's Coconut Ice Soap

With huge thanks to The Fee Fairy for taking the time to submit this recipe, I'm sure there will be many a grateful member.

This is the recipe that i used for my now infamous cherry-coconut-ice soap. I made a couple of changes with the fragrance, so i'll put that at the end of the recipe.

It was really easy to do, and really enjoyable. Judging from others, it seems to be a good soap for everyone too! 

Coconut Ice Soap
11 oz (312g) Veg fat (shortening)
21 oz (594g) coconut oil
15 1/2 oz (446g) distilled or spring water
5 1/2 oz (156g) sodium hydroxide (caustic soda/lye)
2 tsp (10g) geranium essential oil
2 tsp (10g) rose fragrance oil
2 tsp (10g) diluted cosmetic pigment (D&G red 28)

No colouring in he first batch and it should be set aside for 2 weeks before making the second (pink) batch

Grease a shallow square or oblong mould. Place fat and oil in a stainless steel or enamel pot over a low heat. Pour the water into a heavy glass or plastic jug or bowl. Wearing rubber gloves and eye protection, add the sodium hydroxide to the water and stir until dissolved. When the oils have melted, remove them fromthe heat.
Place one sugar thermometer in the oils an one in the caustic soda solution. When both thermometers reach an equal temperature between 120 deg F (49 deg C) and 140 deg F (60 deg C) pour the caustic solution into the oil. Stir occasionally until the mix reaches trace. Should take about 40 mins.
Add th essential oils and stir well. Pour immediately int othe mould to a depth of 1/2 in (12 mm) and cover witha towel or blanket. Leave for 2 weeks
After 2 weeks make a second batch and proceed until you reach trace. At this point dissolve 1/4 tsp (1g) red pigment in 2 tsp (10g) warm water & stir thoroughly. Add the pigmen to the sop a few drops at a time stirring continuously. When the soap has turned bright red pour it over the white set soap to a depth of 1/2 in (12mm). Leave for 24 hours unti lahrd. Wearing rubber gloves remove both layers from the mould and cut into equal sized blocks. Cover and leave to cure for 4 weeks before use.

I put coconut fragrance in the white bit, and cherry in the pink bit. I also put about 2.5ml cherry bakewell into each half as well to marry the two scents. 

I used Innocent Smoothie cartons cut in half as a mould. 

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