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Banana and/or Strawberry Mask

A question arose on the forum where a member asked for ideas on what to do with some strawberry powder and banana powder.  I gave the following reply (but please remember, this was off the top of my head & you can make any adjustments to it as you think appropriate)...

"Banana powder in a mask is soooo softening.  You could make up a dry mask and include a fluid element for mixing as and when.  Just off the top of my head....

For dry/sensitive skin...

Dry ingredients (in a jar or tub)

30g Calamine (powder)
20g Banana powder
(or reduce the calamine and add in dry herbs say 25g calamine, 5g dried lavender)

Fluid Mixer (In a seperate bottle, shake before use)

40ml Rosewater (or make up a tea such as green tea)
10ml Oil of choice (such as apricot kernel)
5 drops chosen essential oil (such as lavender &/or chamomile)

You could alter the ratios and include aloe vera or glycerin in this fluid mix

For Sluggish Skin

Dry ingredients:

20g Kaolin
20g Fullers Earth (don't use if sensitive)
10g Strawberry Powder

(again you may wish to change the ratios to include a dried herb)

Fluid Mixer:

20ml Witchazel (oily skin)
25ml Orange Flower Water
5ml Oil of choice (you could leave it out if skin is very oily, just change the the waters ratios)
5 drops of essential oil (tea tree, lavender....)

Place a heaped teaspoon of dry ingredients in a bowl, shake fluid mixer (to mix) and add a little at a time to the dry ingredients and mix into a paste.  Apply to cleansed, exfoliated skin with a brush or spatula and leave for 10-20 minutes and rinse.

You could include a nice little china bowl into the gift and the jars & bottles can be made to look really decorative.

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