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Coconut Hair Wrap
Sometimes the most effective things are the most simple to achieve.  Coconut oil has been used for eons to add moisture, shine and lustre to the hair and is thought to give hair strength and promote healthy growth.  Coconut oil is an oil of choice for Indian Head Massage therapists and is fantastic for treating dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp.
You will need:

  • About a tablespoon of pure coconut oil (more or less depending on hair length).
  • A plastic bag.
  • A hot towel (warm on the radiator or steep in hot water).

Warm a small amount of the oil in the hands until it becomes fluid and apply to the scalp and roots of the hair with your palms and fingertips.  Continue this process until the whole of your scalp is covered.  Apply the remainder to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.  

Once the scalp and hair are completely enveloped, massage your scalp in deep, slow circular movements with your fingertips (this will help increase circulation, ease tight scalps and soothe headaches).  

Place the plastic bag around the hair and then wrap with a hot towel.  Sit back and do nothing for 20 minutes (or you could put on a face mask and then sit back for 20 minutes!)

Shampoo to remove the oil (if you have used a lot of oil, you could apply some shampoo to the hair before you wet it) and condition as usual.

Variants:  Heat opens up the cuticle on the hair thus allowing the oil to absorb deeper into the hair shaft.  Try using a hairdryer over the plastic to warm the area, then wrap in a warm towel.

You could add essential oils using the following method.  Warm coconut oil in a bain-marie (or in a bowl over hot water) or place in microwave for just a few seconds.  Pour into a sterile tub or jar (with a lid) and wait for it to cool a little then add your essential oils (no more than 4 drops for every 10ml or tablespoon) and make sure you stir well.  When completely cooled and solid, replace the lid.  There you have your infused coconut oil hair wrap ready to go!

Essential Oil Hair Care Guidance:

Greasy/Lank Hair - Tea tree and/or lemon to help regulate oil and rosemary for its cleansing properties

Dry Hair/Split Ends - Chamomile (blonde/fair hair), Lavender (red or brown hair), Bay (dark hair)
Dandruff/Flaky Scalp - Bergamot

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