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Do I have to register to use the website?

No.  You are free to browse the resources and the shop without the need for registering.  However, if you wish to purchase from the shop we will need some details from you for shipping information and will therefore require you to register.

What are the advantages of registering?

Registering at Fresholi is absolutely free.  Once registered, you will have access to more site facilities (features that are hidden from non-members), more resources and more recipes.  There is another level of registration, that of 'Author' that will give you access to even more.

What is 'Author' status?

Author status not only gives you even more access to tutorials, recipes and resources but also allows you submit content, such as your weblink, news articles about your business and successes (shown on the front page), recipes and other resources, which will help increase your profile and improve exposure as well as enrich what is already a wonderful community.

How Do I Gain 'Author' Status?

The contributions of members is so greatly valued by members and visitors alike. We are happy to raise your status, all we ask is that you contribute to the site and you can do this easily in any of the following ways...

Please note that all recipe, article, tutuorial and other submissions are fully credited and linked where appropriate.

Join The Forum

By joining and contributing to our warm, friendly and very informative forum is one way.  When you reach 'Junior Member' your status will be changed to Author status.

Submit a Recipe

Submitting a recipe is another way to have your status changed.  It doen't have to be your most secret of secret recipes, but something that will provide a good foundation for the develpment of forumulations.

Article Submission

Submit an article/s that will enrich the community would be of huge value to the members.  Articles need to be relevant and interesting (some suggestions might be.... My success story;  How I got started; Top tips; My Business etc...).  Or it could be based on current related news, experiences you've had, articles you've read, business related or legal issues.  We are happy for you to advertise what you do, services you offer (or a third party offer's) providing the content is relevant and informative.  (Fresholi has the right to refuse articles if they are deemed inappropriate).


We would love receive your tutorial submissions.  Soaps, lotions, balms, bath bombs, all we ask is that the instructions are clear and you take a few pictures to support the tutorial.  We will sort out the layout for you.


Anything else you think might be a most useful and enriching resource such as a hints and tips sheet, will also be wonderful and received with appreciation.

How Do I Submit My First Content Item?

Your first content item will need to be emailed to us.  Once received we will change your status, add your content for you and let you know it has been published.  If you want to make any changes to it, just let us know and we will make the changes as soon as it is possible.

What are your shipping rates?

We ship to the UK and Europe and our shipping costs are calculated by weight and postal address (UK/Europe).  We believe this is a fairer way than applying one flat shipping rate.  Therefore, to find out what the shipping rate is for the goods you would like purchase, you will first need to register (this identifies the postal address) and when you have finished selecting the items you wish to purchase, continue to checkout where your shipping costs will be shown, only if you are happy with the total amount do you continue to paypal to pay for your goods.  We will ship outside of Europe, please email us with your enquiry.

Generally speaking, for UK customers...

We use Royal Mail's 1st class service up to 800g (order weight), we then revert to our courier service (because it works out a little cheaper).

Customers living in the Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland

The site's software is not able differentiate between regions within the UK and for those customers living in the Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland, the software will calculate shipping as if you are located in the mainland.  The shipping cost will apply if shipping by Royal Mail (below 800g) but if an order is slightly heavier, the site will automatically calculate a courier shipping rate.  Unfortunately, this actual cost is likely to be more but we will email you advising you of any additional charges and discuss the best way to proceed that best suits your needs. 

Generally speaking, if you can keep a heavier (than 800g) order to below 2kg, we can usually find an alternative method of shipping your order for the courier price shown, but we will advise you and you are never under any obligation.

For overseas customers...

We ship small parcels using Royal Mail's Airmail service (some countries require orders to be shipped using Royal Mail's International Signed-For method).  Due to restrictions Royal mail have in place, we can only ship parcels up to just under 1kg (including packaging).  Therefore, shipping will only be calculated on the Fresholi site up to a maximum of 900g (to allow for packaging).  If your total order exceeds 900g, it is necessary to revert to courier, which will be calculated automatically on the site.

How fair are your postage and packaging costs?

Fresholi is rather an open book.  We price our products without heavy mark-ups and our postage and packaging is exactly what it is with no extra hidden charges.  What we won't do is add to the cost of the products so that we can remove from the postage and packaging charges to give the impression the P&P is less.  This is an unfair practice and , in effect, would mean that all our customers would be part paying someone else's P&P every time they ordered.  No, the prices are what they are with no hidden extras.  We also ensure that we package our goods so that it offer's the best value for our customers believing that our customers are buying the product and would rather not the spend extra on fancy packaging.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.  You order what you need, when you need it.

Do prices include VAT?

Presently, there is no VAT to add to any items listed.

How quickly will my order be dispatched?

We aim to dispatch the same day or within 24 (working) hours.  During busier times or for large orders, dispatch may be slightly longer but if we anticipate a delay beyond 24 hours, we will inform you by email.  Also, our couriers apply an additional charge for weekend deliveries, so to keep our charges as low as we possibly can, 'working' days refer to weekdays Mon-Fri.  However, we can very often dispatch small orders (less than 800g) on a Saturday and you may still receive orders on a Saturday through the regular postal system.

Please note, we do not ship orders on a Friday because the parcel will just sit in the depot over the weekend.  We prefer to keep it safe here (because of the nature on the contents).  In this case, we will ship on the following Monday.

You have a lot of information about different oils/butter, but I can't find some of them in your shop?

While you are able to purchase items from our shop, we are also an information resource.  However, because we strive to bring our customers and potential customers what they want, we rely on the customers suggestions and requests for new products so that we can deliver 'the goods' so to speak.  If you have a suggestion, either email us or post on our Suggest A Product board in the forum.

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