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Therapeutic Glossary

Analgesic – Relieves/reduces pain
Anthelmintic – Destroys/expels intestinal worms: a vermifuge
Anticonvulsive – Stops or prevents convulsions
Antidepressant – Lifts, lightens the mood/relieve depression
Antidiarrhoeal – Effective against diarrhoea
Antidote – Counteracts the effects of poison
Antihaemorrhagic – Prevents bruising
Anti-Inflammatory – Reduces inflammation
Antimicrobial – Can resist or destroy micro-organisms
Anti-oxidant – prevents/delays oxidation
Antiphlogistic - Helps to counter inflammation
Antipruritic - An agent that helps to prevent or relieve itching
Antiphlogistic – Substance that combats inflammation
Antiputrescent – Delays decay or putrefaction
Antipyretic – reduces fever
Antiseborrhoeic - helps to control the production of sebum
Antirheumatic – Relieves/prevents rheumatic symptoms
Antiscorbutic - Scurvy remedy
Antiseptic – Prevents or combats bacteria
Astringent – Tightens/tones tissues / reduces fluid loss
Antispasmodic – Prevent or relieve muscle spasms/convulsions
Antitoxic – Counter’s effects of toxic substances
Antitussive - Relives coughs
Aperitif - Appetite stimulant
Aphrodisiac – Increases libido
Antiviral – Inhibits growth of viruses
Bactericidal – Kills bacteria
Carminative – Calms the digestion and eases flatulence
Cephalic – Directed towards the head
Cholagogue – Stimulates the flow of bile
Choleretic – Increases the flow of bile
Cicatrisant – Substance that promotes the formation of scar tissue
Cordial – Tonic/stimulant
Cytophylactic – Promotes increased activity of the leucocytes to defend     against infection
Deodorant – Removes or masks odours
Diaphoretic - Substance that causes sweating
Digestive – Stimulates digestion
Diuretic – Increases the flow of urine
Emmenagogue – Encourages or promotes menstruation
Expectorant – Assists in expelling phlegm
Febrifuge – Reduces fever
Fungicidal – Inhibits or destroys growth of fungi & moulds
Galactagogue – Promotes the secretion of milk (mammary glands)
Haemostatic – Stops bleeding
Hydrating – Wetting/introduces water to
Hypotensive – Lower’s blood pressure
Insecticide – Insect repellent
Mucolytic - Breaks down/dissolves mucous
Nervine – Tones/strengthens nerves and nervous system
Orexigenic – Stimulates the appetite
Parasiticide – Prevent and destroys parasites
Prophylactic – Prevents disease/infection
Refrigerant - Cooling
Restorative – Strengthens body’s systems
Rubefacient – Produces local warmth & redness (erythema)
Sedative – Calms the nervous system
Spasmolytic – Muscle relaxant
Stimulant – Increases the activity of the body or organ
Stomachic – Aids digestive function
Styptic – Reduces/stops bleeding (external)
Sudorific – Promotes sweating
Tonic – Strengthens the body or specific part of the body
Uterine – Having a tonic action on the womb
Vermifuge – Can help expel intestinal worms
Vulnerary – Helps to heal wounds

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